Mindshow is a free virtual-reality app that empowers users to puppet cartoon characters and act out scenes using their body and voice. As an associate product designer, I was in charge of developing experimental systems to empower simple, playful creativity and play.


One of the key features I was responsible for was designing the VR Sharing system. Using a series of flowcharts and wireframes, I created the user flow for bouncing show files back and forth between users. Integrating seamlessly with the main menu, VR Sharing allows players to consume and remix Mindshow content to open a whole new world of creative play and interpersonal interaction.

In addition to VR Sharing, I was in charge of developing a number of unannounced experimental systems geared towards the same aesthetic of simple, creative and compelling play.

Work samples from this project are available upon request and subject to approval. Mindshow can be downloaded for HTC Vive for free on Steam.