Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point is a short, unreleased first-person puzzle-platformed built in Unreal Engine 4. Using the power to scale objects up and down, players must solve traversal puzzles by manipulating the physical properties of objects. I served this project as its lead level designer.


Leading a small team of junior designers under the direction of the project lead, we took 3D levels from paper sketches to visually rich worlds featuring smart puzzles and atmospheric worldbuilding. A macro design document detailing our overarching level plans can be found here.


One of the key changes I made to the game’s design was to simplify the game and give more power to designers by transforming player-controlled abilities like Cast Stasis to designer-placed tools like Stasis Field.  I also built other designer tools like switches, see-saws, vents, and secret rooms using Unreal Blueprints.

In addition to overarching Unreal 4 level design and Blueprint programming, I also modeled many of the game’s props and built collision and lighting for most environments.

Unfortunately, later builds of the game were lost in a hard drive failure, but an alpha version of the game can be downloaded here.