Manifold Garden

I served as the producer on Manifold Garden for Apple Arcade & the Epic Games Store. Working with William Chyr Studio, I oversaw the finishing and polishing phase to release the game to critical acclaim on 32 different devices.

My role on the project involved organizing towards milestones by guiding the work of an 8 person team and its many partners. I worked with an external QA unit, porting partners, UX designers, platform owners, PR teams, and design consultants to achieve the most impactful possible experience while still meeting deadlines.

After launch, I continued to transition the team towards a production and QA methodology that would allow us to support the game more effectively across a wide range of mobile devices.

Manifold Garden released on Apple Arcade & the Epic Games Store on October 18th, 2019. The game stands at an 85 on Metacritic, and has been acclaimed one of the best puzzle games of 2019. It was nominated for the GDC and BAFTA Awards for Best Debut.