The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is virtual reality action-adventure game by Skydance Interactive set in the flooded remains of New Orleans.

Inspired by 0451 immersive sims, I served as a Junior Game Designer under the direction of Adam Grantham. My role on the project involved designing interactions with the diverse range of inventory and environmental objects available to the player.

Focusing on creating emergent interactions, I built and tuned weapons, consumables, doors, key items, and noisemakers with UE4 Blueprints. These items were built in collaboration with the sound designers, VFX artists, and 3D modelers.

I was also involved in tuning the game’s economy to create the desired tone and tension for the experience. Late during my involvement in the project, I also became responsible for redesigning three of the game’s New Orleans based levels and creating new AI-driven scenarios for them.