5 Tips for Leadership

  1. Listen more than you speak.
  2. Make a conscious effort to make everyone feel needed and valuable to your project, reward involvement.
  3. Appeal to each team members personal goals and search for ways to help them achieve those goals. Make sure that everyone is learning and is growing out of this experience.
  4. Strive for a flat leadership model, try to have everyone participate in key group decisions and involve as little of yourself as possible in group decision making. You’re only there to facilitate collaboration.
  5. Lead by example and get to know every individual on your team as a person.

I’m currently working with a game development team larger than anything I’ve ever dealt with before. I’m trying to do something different this time to hopefully facilitate the development of a close-knit team that operates with cohesion and camaraderie, one that will stick together and develop over the course of a lifetime.

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