My good friend and fellow IMD-er, Chloe Lister, wrote this excellent post on LA Game Space and how important it is to get it made. Check out out.


I’ve been toying with the idea of making a gaming blog for a while, if only because everyone and their mother seems to have one nowadays and I’m a sheep.

Anyway, the reasoning behind starting one here and now is the fact that I have something Really Actually Important to talk about and that’s LA Game Space.

There’s this pretty cool thing called the Attract Mode gaming collective made up of game designers, filmmakers, artists, journalists, who are overall a group of really interesting creative people who are actively partaking in the noble endeavor of progressing the media forward.They host art galleries/festivals and similar events and sell some pretty dope handmade gear. You should check ‘em out at some point, maybe after you back this Kickstarter campaign.

Two guys from this collective, Adam Robezzoli and Daniel Rehn, have been working pretty hard for the past three years on this…

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