Four Analog Game Sprints

All of these games were designed by either myself or a small team of co-designers over a series of three-week sprints. Click to download printable game files.


Codesigned with Max Cohen, Aamod Walavalkar, and Sarah Jennisca. 


A four-player, asymmetrical stealth/strategy game. Three players cooperate to gather needed equipment to make a daring escape from the prison while The Warden commands around Guards to thwart their escape. Not  a bad start to the semester.


Designed as a solo-project. 

Screenshot 2013-12-16 14.44.14

A card-based system for procedurally generating various nondigital games. A metaphor for the progression of life akin to Jason Roherer’s Passage or thatgamecompany’s Journey. A tad overambitious for a very short sprint, but one of the more interesting projects I’ve done.


Codesigned with McKenzie Carlile, Alan Hung, and Kristen Louie. 


A minimalistic, nonviolent strategy game revolving around tactical moving and blocking. Sugarcube underwent radical revisions during its lifetime, evolving from a theater/improv game called Assassin’s Feed into its current iteration as a simple but deep movement game.


Codesigned with Jake Balentine, Alan Hung, and Aditya Valvi. 


An asymmetrical survival-horror game for eight players. Six players play as human scientists, who must gather materials to escape the facility. One player plays the Android, who disguises himself as a human and subverts the human escape plan. The last player is the Creature, and must stalk and kill all the humans. Features suspenseful gameplay and legitimately scary mechanics.

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