Demo Day 2015!


Get out to USC Games Demo Day today! I’m going to be presenting Vanishing Point. It’s a tiny first-person puzzle platformer about space and scale for which I led the design team over the last baffling, baffling year. It was a challenging, fun project to work on and I hope I was able to benefit some people through it.

I’ll have a full-on postmortem about what went right and what went wrong about this project in the next week or so. It was my first time leading a big team of people who were not immediately my best friends, and while Vanishing Point is only the best game it could have been given the trials that we had to go through to deliver it and the limited time we had to build it, I still think it ended up being a lovely experience that I will gladly take with me onto future projects, including what’s coming next for Chambara. (For which I never actually wrote a real reflection about since the BAFTAs, I should do that. Life has really changed since that baffling day in March).

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