The Big List of Recommended Games Reading

No, this is not the Kill la Kill post. This is a list of some of the writers and critics that I like to read and study. This is just my reading list, so this list is incomplete, and if you have a writer that you find particularly insightful, let it be known down in the comments!

I also use labels like “Academic”, “Culture” and “Feminist” with some hesitation, because theres a ton of crossover between these categories. But for ease of use, these labels exist to describe the primary focus of that particular writer’s work.










One thought on “The Big List of Recommended Games Reading

  1. Consider adding (not an exhaustive list of favorites but what I thought of immediately)…
    This Cage is Worms – Cameron Kunzelman – narrative analysis, design, academic
    Liz Ryerson’s blog – – narrative analysis and design
    Critical-Gaming – Richard Terrell – – mechanical analysis
    Daniel Primed – Daniel Johnson – – mechanical analysis
    Groping the Elephant – Justin Keverne – – a little slow now that he’s working on his book but it has some great level design analysis and narrative analysis

    Also, it’s Brendan Keogh

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