The Big List of Recommended Games Reading

No, this is not the Kill la Kill post. This is a list of some of the writers and critics that I like to read and study. This is just my reading list, so this list is incomplete, and if you have a writer that you find particularly insightful, let it be known down in the comments!

I also use labels like “Academic”, “Culture” and “Feminist” with some hesitation, because theres a ton of crossover between these categories. But for ease of use, these labels exist to describe the primary focus of that particular writer’s work.











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  1. Consider adding (not an exhaustive list of favorites but what I thought of immediately)…
    This Cage is Worms – Cameron Kunzelman – narrative analysis, design, academic
    Liz Ryerson’s blog – – narrative analysis and design
    Critical-Gaming – Richard Terrell – – mechanical analysis
    Daniel Primed – Daniel Johnson – – mechanical analysis
    Groping the Elephant – Justin Keverne – – a little slow now that he’s working on his book but it has some great level design analysis and narrative analysis

    Also, it’s Brendan Keogh

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