Heading up to GDC

Hi folks,

I’m flying north to San Francisco for GDC tomorrow. This year, we’re nominated for the Best Student Game Award at the Independent Games Festival and will be showing Chambara at both the IGF Pavilion and one other location that will be disclosed early next week that still has to be kept under wraps.

We’re bringing a bunch of stuff up with us. Lots of swag and collectibles. Stickers, pins, cards, and the like. Meet us at our booth, and you can snag some. They’re really cool, huge props to team ok’s marketing unit. We’re going to be in the North Hall, right by the entrance. You can’t miss us. If you’re a journalist, or are just interested in the game, feel free to buzz me and we can set up an appointment for a special showing.

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We’re going to be showing off an almost-complete version of the game. All of the core mechanics will be there and well polished, though we will be locking out some of the more advanced stages and content that would not make very much sense for beginners. We’ve exhibited a lot in the past, but showing at GDC is a big deal in the larger picture. I remember walking through the IGF Pavilion freshman year and being thrilled to see the developers and their games. Here I am years later on the other side of all that. Wow. That is really something.

As for how I feel? Not quite sure. One year ago, we left to go to London and the BAFTAs, and I was ensnared with anticipation as to how things could have changed if we won or lost. Retrospectively, things really did change, and having lived through the experience of being nominated for an award, this time feels different. I don’t know if we will win, and I respect the other nominees immensely, but I want us to do the best we can out there and, if the events of next week catalyze any change to the world around me, that it will serve the interests of everyone.

I’m excited for this next week. Let’s go.

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